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The “Free Energy Market Association” (ASEP) is an association, registered according to the Juridical Persons with Non-profit Purposes Act in 2014, whose activity is directed to the liberalization of the Bulgarian energy market.
The Association was founded as a union of traders of electricity, and is also open to electricity consumers and producers as well, as we believe that the establishment of a stable, transparent and predictable market is possible only with the combined and coordinated effort of all of its participants. In connection to the latter, ASEP provides a platform for constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas between its members and provides representation between public authorities and other national and international organizations in the field.
Our main objectives and priorities in the short term are, on one hand – to unify the effort and interests of the individual participants in the free energy market, and on the other – to cooperate with the authorities in their aim of its foundation and improvement of its legal framework.
In the long term ASEP will pursue the maintenance of a balanced and transparent competitive environment of the Bulgarian energy market through the encouragement of the professionalism and expertise of its participants and measure the dynamics of its future development.

The main objectives of the Free Energy Market Association are:

• building a real competitive environment of the Bulgarian electricity market
• ensuring a wide and equal access to the market for all participants
• safeguard the common interests of the electricity traders, electricity producers and consumers of the free electricity market
• promote cooperation between members of the Association for achieving their common interests

The strategy and means to achieve these objectives include:

• representation of members before government bodies and institutions, national public bodies and international organizations
• encourage and facilitate information exchange between members of the Association through the creation and maintenance of common databases, organizing meetings, seminars, etc.;
• organization of the process of drafting of new and amendments to existing legislation and other working documents by creating and participating in working groups and preparing opinions; organization of seminars, conferences and public hearings on the prepared projects, preparation of analyzes, etc .;
• the establishment of contacts, cooperation and continuous exchange with domestic and foreign entities (associations, retailers and others.) and public authorities having similar objectives to those of the Association;

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