ASEP position on Instruction on the conditions and order of electricity supplier change by household consumers

A new CEWR Instruction entered into force on  April 1, 2016 on the conditions and order for  swithching the electricity supplier. The new regulation targets  household consumers willing to  look for  favorable supply conditions at the open electricity market.

ASEP  holds the view that the procedure adopted does not yet meet the needs of a dynamic  liberalized market. During discussions with the Regulator on the draft regulation, the Association stated  that the process of changing electricity supplier on a competitive basis should be truly free for consumers  and as facilitated as practicably possible, allowing  for electronic document submission  and for utilization of modern communication forms. It is necessary as well  to adopt the general  European approach of removing requirements for document notarization, as this significantly hampers the whole procedure.
ASEP  statements   can be found below:

Statement (in Bulgarian)  Становище на АСЕП

Additional Statement (in Bulgarian) Допълнително становище на АСЕП

The Free Energy Market Association   familiarized the Obmudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria  and the Energy Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament with the administrative obstacles the new regulation still poses with regard to the electricity market opening to household consumers.

Letter to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)   Писмо Омбудсман

Letter to the Energy Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament ( in Bulgarian)  Писмо 43то НС