Hosting a Public Discussion “Electricity Market – Liberalization Continues?” on November 3rd, 2016

In anticipation of the forthcoming introduction of a new electricity market model in Bulgaria, on November 3rd 2016 the Free Energy Market Association will host  a public discussion

“Electricity Market – Liberalization Continues?” involving all categories of market participants. The key presentations are invited of such institutions as Energy Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament, Ministry of Energy, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, the World Bank.

The event is to provide opportunity to institutions, network operators, traders, producers and consumers  to exchange opinions on the current model challenges that could be addressed by the new market rules. The joint identification effort regarding current framework issues and optimization possibilities aims to support the establishment of a market model that provides for a balanced and transparent market environment.

Register for the event by mailing the filled registration-form  to !

The event preliminary-programme is available here.